What Is Medical Billing And Coding?

What is medical billing and coding exactly?

This healthcare administrative career consists largely of the process of submitting medical claims to private and federal insurance companies, and occasionally, to patients themselves.

This is done so a healthcare provider may receive payment for services provided.

When you work in this field, it is vital to submit correct and accurate bills to an insurance company, since one mistake can lead to an insurance company not paying for a patient’s medical expenses or only paying a partial amount.

Where Does The Coding Part Come In?

Alpha numerical codes are used to designate medical procedures, diagnosises, medications, and even areas on the human body (also called topographical codes). It is these codes that are used to document the procedures a patient may have undergone in the information provided to the insurance companies in remittance for payment.

Since medical billers have to be experts in these codes, the job of both the billing and the coding is usually delegated to a single professional.

Before You Enroll…

Before you seriously consider attending an appropriately accredited institution – whether it be online or off – and begin to investigate educational options however, you should take into consideration whether you or not you have a keen eye for detail, because working with codes and medical jargon can be a demanding job that requires a dedicated, meticulous individual.

Therefore, you need to have a knack for paying attention to small details. As a medical billing and coding specialist, you will have to do an extensive amount of reading, so you should be a strong reader. In addition, with all the medical lingo and terminology you must be familiar with, having an exceptional memory is almost a requirement.

Additionally, you may want to have a realistic idea of salary expectations before you investigate medical billing and coding schools any further.

If this rewarding career sounds like something you might be interested in, your first step is checking out which schools offer the necessary courses and programs. You may even want to to get an idea of the sort of curriculum you can expect.

Generally, you can find medical coding and billing programs in technical and vocational schools, although some colleges and universities also provide suitable educational options.

There are also many online medical billing and coding schools that offer home study courses.

Choosing A School: Online or Offline?

If you are not planning to study at an online medical billing and coding school, you will want to choose a college based on the distance from your current location.

But if you’re not into travelling for your education, distance learning programs are a viable way to further your education in the study of medical billing and coding without having to pay for things like gas and parking. And, since you will not have to undergo clinical training like with many other medical professions (i.e nursing), you have the ability to complete the entire program at home, via our own laptop or desktop or any other internet-ready device you may use.

After completing your education, you’ll definitely want to investigate your options for certification, which will increase your earning potential. Checking into the relevant associations may be important too!

Before you rush into a school’s application process, you should take a few moments to further research your options and exactly what medical billing and coding entails. Our website is a wonderful place to begin your journey.

This career also offers the unique opportunity for advancement; the opportunity to go into business for yourself. We like this idea, and consequently, have put together a series of articles on owning a medical billing and coding home business…


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